IT architecture


This page provides you with an overview of BeWorkHappy’s IT architecture and a layer overview.

BeWorkHappy architecture overview

The BeWorkHappy application consists of two main components:

1) The BeWorkHappy front-end application which is using
2) The MiiaHR back-end services

The BeWorkHappy application provides two interfaces: a modern web interface for the end-user and a REST API to the services BWH provides.

For the semantic functions (like analysis and matching) the MiiaHR services are accessed via its REST interface. The MiiaHR application provides services for semantic analysis, semantic matching and semantic summary but also keyword search.

All uploaded documents are indexed in a semantic index and can also be stored in binary form in a NOSQL database for later retrieval. All stored documents are encrypted on operating system level as well as on application level for secure storage of sensitive documents.

BeWorkHappy layer overview